On 14 March, the three-millionth Grameenphone subscriber joined Tonic, with the service adding a million users in ten weeks (compared to 12 weeks for the previous million).

At the same time, a third-party team of data scientists from Telenor Research and Telenor Group Commercial Strategy and Planning have found evidence that Tonic increases ARPU for participating Grameenphone subscribers by up to 7%, more than covering the cost of the service.  Using a Telenor-standard research methodology that controls for both general market effects and the personal characteristics of service users, the team found that the ARPU contribution was driven by an increase in top-up activity and by an increase in voice revenue.

While the research team move on to assessing impact on churn, Grameenphone and Telenor Health are working together to drive the ARPU impact even higher.