In an era when mobile network operators face increased competition from both traditional rivals and digital disruptors, healthcare services can be powerful drivers of differentiation, customer loyalty, and creation of new revenue streams.

As the telecoms sectors of emerging markets mature, mobile operators are beginning to exhaust the impact of traditional pricing and loyalty levers.  Progressive telecoms firms are increasingly turning to bundling exclusive digital services with core telco products as a way to stand out.  Healthcare is a core area of need, and spend, for most consumers, making health services and financing areas with strong promise for tie-ups with core assets.

By virtue of being part of one of the world’s major mobile service providers, Telenor Health has a deep understanding of telco needs and opportunities, whether strategic, commercial, or technical.  We will put this expertise to work for partners, both within the Telenor family and beyond.    

  • Tonic Free –Telenor Health’s first offering provides a bundle of engaging digital health and wellness content, subsidised access to medical consultations over the phone, discounts at healthcare providers, and basic “hospital cash” insurance.  Launched in June 2016 in partnership with leading Bangladesh telecoms firm Grameenphone, Tonic Free now has over 4.5 million members.  Beyond helping to position Grameenphone as the market innovator in digital health, a third-party analysis has shown that Tonic Free also drives revenue gains for the telco.

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