In an era of increasingly fierce competition for talent, the most progressive companies are finding that cash compensation isn’t enough: investing in employee health and well-being can deliver big dividends for businesses.

Whether for white collar office workers or for employees on the factory floor, workforce health is becoming a necessity for companies across industries.  Digital health benefits can give a competitive edge for recruiting and retaining knowledge workers, as well as for winning contracts from buyers concerned about labor standards for health and safety.  Further, evidence has shown that “virtual” health services help to increase productivity across the board, as employees have less need to use medical leave.

Telenor Health offers a range of solutions to help employers give staff access to medical care right when they need it, reduce administrative effort and hassle, and help to promote a positive employer image.  We currently offer two core products to corporate customers in Bangladesh:

  • Tonic Advanced: Tonic Advanced provides comprehensive coverage to support workers across all functions and levels.  In addition to “health channels” on topics like NCDs and child health, Advanced provides high insurance coverage and free access to primary care over the phone.  It also includes new features like in-app doctor “chat” and one-step appointment booking with more than 2,000 physicians nationwide.
  • Tonic Premium: Tonic Premium is designed to be a step up from Tonic Advanced.  It offers higher insurance coverage, virtually-unlimited access to primary care via phone and app, and additional features like reserved slots with renowned doctors and custom-designed health checks.

In addition to these core products, we also provide bespoke employee health engagement support to corporate customers, ranging from push communications through voice, SMS, and email to dedicated, customised health tips.

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