Telenor Health is proud to be part of a global movement towards empowering consumers in emerging markets to take ownership of their health, and of the health of their families.  

Today, 40% of the world’s middle class live in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and this share is projected to grow to 74% by 2030.  For these consumers, health and wellness are the top categories for “trading up” – products and services for which they will invest their newfound disposable income.  This awareness of and aspiration for better health is also shared by lower income people at the “bottom of the pyramid.”

Through our “Tonic” family of products, Telenor Health helps customers get more value from their healthcare spend, making high quality health services more convenient, affordable, and responsive.  In Bangladesh, our first market, we currently offer two different Tonic subscriptions aimed at middle class consumers:

  • Tonic Astha (“confidence”):  Launched in April 2017 at a price of BDT 126 ($1.64) per month, Tonic Astha provides more comprehensive coverage for middle class consumers.  In addition to “health channels” on topics like NCDs and child health, Astha provides high insurance coverage and free access to primary care over the phone.  It also includes new features like in-app doctor “chat” and one-step appointment booking with more than 2,000 physicians nationwide. 
  • Tonic Shurokkha (“security”):  Launched at the same time and with a price point of BDT 296 ($3.82) per month, Tonic Shurokkha is designed to be a step up from Tonic Astha.  It offers higher insurance coverage, virtually-unlimited access to primary care via phone and app, and additional features like reserved slots with renowned doctors and custom-designed health checks.

We intend to offer additional propositions aimed at both lower-income and higher-income segments over the course of 2018.

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