Telenor Health’s Purpose

Telenor Health is a purpose-driven, digital health subsidiary established by Telenor Group in 2015. It is the first step in addressing NCDs and other pressing health needs. Its purpose is an extension of Telenor Group’s vision of “empowering societies” and its commitment to Asia as the group continually explores new ways to harness technology for the betterment of lives and communities.

We believe that all Bangladeshis deserve healthcare services that meet world class standards for clinical quality. A core operating principle for Telenor Health is ensuring that our services are safe, effective, patient-centered, and accessible.

Tonic is an expression of Telenor Health’s view that technology can have the greatest impact when it is used to ‘connect the dots’ across an individual’s wellness and health experience. It is one of the first digital offerings to address the full spectrum of wellness and health needs through a joined-up, integrated service. By combining prevention-focused digital content, phone-based access to primary care, and tools to finance hospital care, Tonic serves as the gateway towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and helps “members” and their families make better choices across their health journey.

Telenor Health recently launched two new services, Tonic Astha and Shurokkha. Now members can get access to top doctors in Bangladesh, all for the price of a cup of coffee. Aimed at Bangladesh’s emerging middle class, Tonic Shurokkha and Astha combines big enhancements of existing features with market leading new features.

Telenor Health, partnering with Grameenphone is taking Tonic to the 57 million customers.  Any Grameenphone user can join Tonic via the 789 short code (USSD and IVR),, and at any Grameenphone retailer.  To remain a member in good standing of Tonic — and continue to receive all of the Tonic benefits — the user simply needs to make a call, send an SMS, or browse the web with her Grameenphone SIM once a month.

Telenor Health’s Business Model

Tonic is a subscription service that we call “membership” (or “basic membership”).  With the mass market in mind, membership is designed to cover a broad range of health and wellness needs while building an ongoing, long term relationship with our customers.  The service’s membership business model provides incentives centered around keeping members healthy over the long term.

We aim to increase basic health literacy and awareness for as many Bangladeshis as possible.  At the same time, engaging large numbers of consumers in basic membership allows us to refine our products and build trust.

The promise we make to members is that “we’re there for you, to help you and your family live longer, healthier lives.” Our goal is that membership serves as the start of a conversation with Bangladeshis about health and wellness, and that we are able to increase the size and scope of benefits over time.


Telenor Health Office Images